Life for enhancement of spirit.

Being supported and supportive.

The unity of souls.

Anxiety not significant.

Pain and sadness not God’s will.

Do not focus on differences.

God is in everything.

Be in balance to get even.

Life should be joyful.

Life’s function is giving.

You are hand of God.

Society lags behind individuals.

Accept diversity.

Strength for vulnerability.

Pray to be open.

Do not build walls.

All life connected through spirit.

Do what helps all people.

Eliminate fear of outcome.

Soul takes flight.

Healing requires peace.

Chakras are spiritual energy.

When patience is a challenge.

Seek the high ground.

Heal relationship with earth.

Soul is eternal entity.

God’s presence not altered.

Heal relationship with earth.

Walls isolate you.

No justification for killing.

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