Spirit evolves.

All light is interconnected.

God speaks from within.

In giving, you receive

Human and godly place.

Cope with difficulties by helping.

God’s blessing like a sun.

God is not relay station for prayer.

More souls united with God.

Ask for God’s peace.

Prayer is becoming encased in light.

No preferred seat next to God.

What affects one affects all.

The role of vulnerability and humility.

Loving a flower helps it grow.

See God in another.

Patience, prayer, perception, faith, action.

Change is critical.

Human life is an embrace.

God’s creative energy.

Pillars for successful life.

All equal in God’s eyes.

To be God-loving.

Prayer as exercise of faith.

Chaos provides access to affirmation.

Embrace one another.

Devaluing another does not reflect God.

Faith for achieving peace.

All spirits comprise part of God.

Be the difference.

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