Bodily afflictions (headaches)

July 13, 1979

• God’s guidance as water behind a dam
• Bodily afflictions - headaches
• Receiving guidance
• The occult, evil

God surrounds all of you who are together and all those whom you enfold with your love.
It is important and meaningful that each of you finds time in your life of daily activities to turn to God individually in order to open yourselves to guidance which is always available. God does not restrict times when you may receive blessings and messages for they are like the water behind a dam. This force is constantly present. It is but for the operator to choose to free the water for the nourishment of the land beyond.
So it is with God’s presence. It is always with you. All you need to do is to open a pathway to receive God’s help. To a large degree it is your choice as to how large an opening to create. When the land is parched and there is need for much water, the dam can be opened sufficiently to meet the purpose. When you have need for God’s guidance, and the need is always there, you will all be given the help necessary to meet your needs. Sometimes this help comes in a direct manner which is quickly recognized, but at other times the help may come in a form which you do not readily see. One form may be that which compels you to a higher level of faith. In such instances, you are not directly aware of God’s guidance, but in an unexplainable way, you become aware of a greater capacity for faith. The strength that comes with such faith is infinitely more valuable than receiving definitive views on all matters.
Concerning the problem of headaches which one of you experiences, they are indeed real and painful and can be the cause of considerable concern. Within the framework of your spiritual growth, which is the supreme purpose for your lives, the knowledge of a particular cause or a particular meaning is of secondary importance.
You will learn to gain strength in your faith in God’s position in your life and your faith will serve to diminish the impact of headaches on your system. What is important in your experience is that the strength of your faith continues to develop, for such strength will empower you to meet the many challenges in life which face you in the future, as they do for all humankind. You should, therefore, make use of the opportunity of growth in faith through the challenges you face.
The specific cause of your headaches is related to the body chemistry and these pains will not continue for your entire life. We are not at liberty to say that these experiences will last, in your time, for a certain number of months or years. That is not our purpose. It is God’s desire, rather, that your soul become stronger. As it becomes stronger, the effect of the headaches will diminish. It is part of God’s plan that all experience afflictions of one form or another, for as has been said, it is part of human life. Ultimately it is not what ailments, physically or mentally, one endures, but how one endures them. Your attention should, therefore, be in this direction rather than of a specific concern about how long your difficulties will last and how severe they will be.
We see James’ concern about his opportunities and responsibilities of becoming involved in the spiritual development of others. His concerns regarding the source of these impulses of guidance are fully understandable and are experienced by all who receive God’s guidance in such a manner. Although in many ways it seems a unique experience, in fact, it is shared by millions. The feeling of reluctance to reach out and tell others of the experience of communion is also shared by many others and as a result, there is an element of anonymity. Despite the lack of knowledge of the widespread receiving of God’s guidance, the power of such knowledge is beyond your expectations.
The power of the ability to hear God’s word is both a blessing and a responsibility. It is a blessing that you are aware of the powers which are inherent in each of you, and it is a responsibility that this knowledge which you are given is used to benefit others, primarily through prayer. For in helping others, you are moving forward yourselves. It is not merely that those of you who receive utilize the knowledge for your own benefit. In so doing, you are in effect elevating your personal position above those around you. In God’s sight you are all equal and, therefore, since you are in the same family, you have the knowledge of your responsibility to serve others. There are those who feel the impulse to discuss with others directly concerning the laws of God and the reality of God’s universe, and for those souls who are motivated through dedication to helping others rather than self-elevation, it is done with God’s blessings. For other souls, the way of help is more fully realized through more silent means, in prayer.
Selfless prayer is the greatest gift one can give to another, for in it are all the ingredients of what you term love.
There are many who find great attraction to varying forms of the occult, and although the experiences witnessed may seem incredible, many of them are based in reality. There are many forces on our side which compete for dominance of the earthly plane. In itself, it is not God’s plan for pictures to move, or tables, or music to sound, or voices to cry out. Such activity does little to bring one closer to God, but such activity is very real, however, not God oriented or induced.
There is a negative power, a negative force, which exists along with the power of God. You are all aware of activities in your world which are the result of individuals’ listening to the wrong stimulus in their lives. This negative power has the capacity to do many of these experiences which you observe. There is, however, some benefit which can be derived from observing physical activity which is uninitiated by humans, for in a way which is far from subtle, humans become aware of another aspect of their existence.
Having become so aware, humans may choose to search for the reality of God, or they may choose to remain in the field of the fantastic, the field of the visible but unexplainable. It is that field which is easiest to gain access to, for faith does not play a part. The experience of spiritual communion, whether from us as your guides or from relatives when met through prayer, is more rewarding, though often more difficult to comprehend. It is subtle, yet it deals with the elemental purposes of life on earth. It requires faith to develop, but its harvest is in a strengthened faith. Your concerns are natural but you can always be assured of God’s being the source when approached through prayer.
We suggest that all of you make an effort to meet together as a group when there is strong need. It is not necessary that you feel restricted to a particular time frame for there is much to learn and much time for thought. It pleases God that you address this subject matter with such reverence and faith, and you can be assured that God is ever present in your lives and is watching over you and will not let you falter. Turn to God in praise as well as in times of crisis. You will always be shown the right way to travel along your pathway of life, be it in joy or in sorrow, and now we bless you all in God’s holy name.

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