In learning you are healed

August 19, 2003

• The power of prayer for self versus for others
• In learning you are healed
• Our relationship to animals and all that has been created

God illuminates your lives, not only the lives that you see but the lives within, with light and with blessed love.
Each of you seeks the resolution of concerns, uncertainty, discomfort, outrage, fear. It is important for every one of you to recognize that these concerns have been, are being, and will continue to be within the brilliance and embrace of God’s countenance, God’s love, God’s arms, God’s heart. It is a truth that, though it may be denied by some, can never be diminished.
You are a part of a long continuum of life and learning. You are all in part a product of your past as well as your present. Indeed each of you is the architect of your future. But this continuum, this chain of life, begins with God. Consequently each of you reflects God in some manner, through your relationships with others and through your relationship with yourself, with your inner self.
Life is filled with concerns. It is true of all for whom you pray and have concerns. One wishes the best for one’s children, one’s family—be they parents, aunts, uncles, cousins. One wishes the best for all one’s friends and acquaintances. It is in God’s nature to seek out, to bring out the best, the best being defined as what is in the best interests of the other person. You cannot go through your lives trying to define what is best for you. You cannot do this because there is a dominance of self-interest, selfconcern, self-preservation, self-affirmation. But when you turn your prayers to what is best for another, that is offered unconditionally, that is offered through compassion, through caring and love. If what you pray for is in the best interests of another, it is not you who benefits, it is not you who profits morally or otherwise; it is the other.
Consider for a moment if each of you in this room prayed fervently, deeply, committedly for what was best for every other individual. Imagine the power of many praying for what is best for one. Each of you would be the recipients of the prayers of all others. There is, you see, great strength that results when you are united in your commitment to pray for others. It is certainly within the view of God to pray for oneself. If you are concerned about your reactions to life’s events, if you are concerned about your own health, if you are concerned about your sense of loss, if you are concerned about your own worries about another, praying for oneself is by no means inappropriate or unhelpful or in some way injurious. But even greater strength is the result of each praying for the other.
There is no misunderstanding of the pain of loss. That loss may be surrounded by gratitude and love, but it is still a loss. When you experience pain, it is natural to feel the need for healing, be that pain physical, emotional or spiritual. You are living to learn and in learning you are healed. Healing, after all, is taking in and making your own the lessons learned in life that bring you closer to God. There is a dignity to all life, but each life is given that dignity because of the process of learning. It is given dignity because it was created through the loving power and presence of God. The fact that it was created, that all life has been created, all that is inanimate has been created, that fact provides dignity to every entity on your planet, to all planets, to the entirety of the galaxies, to the seeming emptiness of space. All is created by God.
What is the position to be taken regarding actions that affect the life of something that has been created? Most importantly you must realize that there is nothing you can do to stop life, to end life. Each of you has the power within to change life, to alter what exists, but no human being has the ability to stop life, for life is energy. It is an energy coming from God and it therefore can never be suppressed. If an individual dies at the hand of another, the energy continues. That individual has not died—the spirit continues. The physical matter that made up the visual person has been changed in the form of its energy, but it has not been squelched. The energy continues.
It is the case with minerals that you draw from the ground. The ore that you find is not destroyed; it is merely changed. If you acknowledge the energy that the ore contains, then you will also acknowledge that such energy continues. It only appears to be different. It only takes on a different perspective, a different character, but the energy remains.
The energy that comprises each of you will never be destroyed. Each of you was created with a presence of energy. That energy was a continuation of earlier forms of energy. You draw energy from food. The energy was taken from what you consumed and converted in a manner that the human organism can accept and grow with. You as human beings do not create that energy, and likewise cannot eliminate it. What is sacred about all that has been created is the energy that originated from God. It is for that reason that we often tell you that even the stones of the earth are sacred. It does not mean that the characteristics of those stones cannot be changed. You are acknowledging what is sacred, what is permanent. It is the same reasoning that can be applied to your relationships with the living world around you, be they animal or vegetable. Each is part of the continuity of energy and is therefore sacred.
There is no justification for stopping the human form or human expression of energy. You do not live your lives with the justification to kill another human being. There is no war that is just. There is no justice that stops life that is in God’s view. Your lives must be devoted to the sacredness of other human lives. Your responsibilities are to enhance, to lift up, to strengthen, to affirm.
Humans have a soul. Other animals have a consciousness at one level or another, and are sacred because they share in the continuity of the energy that precedes them, but they are not endowed with a soul as you have come to understand the term. Animals that are not human can suffer. They can suffer emotionally, they can suffer physically. But your relationship with all animals, of whatever size, is a shared acknowledgement that they, too, are sacred. There should be no guilt about the death of animals that are not human, but there should always be an acknowledgment that they are indeed a part of God’s creation.
If one becomes consumed by the notion that it is unacceptable to change the life-form of another entity, such unacceptability would apply to all life-forms—animal and vegetable—and in the process the human life-form would cease to exist. But you have been given human life-form because of the opportunity life gives you to learn. The life of an animal is not provided so the animal can learn in the sense that you learn about the purpose of life. No other animal has a sense of God. No other animal is aware of a spiritual bonding to others of like species. You are different from other animal forms. You must acknowledge that while still recognizing the sacredness of that life. A vegetable is no less sacred than a human being, for both are created through the energy of God’s own creativity. The sense of equality of all that exists is therefore relative. All that exists is equal because all that exists was created by God, therefore all is sacred.
As we have mentioned to you in past meetings, as you grow in your understanding, you become more accountable. You have greater responsibility. When you feel the compassion of another, it is for you to learn to be compassionate. When you experience the love of another, it is for you to learn to be loving. As you have been told, you should then become.
Your relationships, therefore, with human beings are very different from your relationships with other animals. An animal can feel love toward others—other animals, human beings—and an animal can learn to be loving because it is treated with love. But an animal outside the human species is not aware of God. All human beings have the capacity to know God, and for that reason your relationships with all other human beings is unique. It is a blessing to have that knowledge and it is a great blessing when you are able to act upon that knowledge.
There is no justification for turning one’s back to another. There is no justification for taking advantage of another, for both acts discredit and deny through those actions the common bond of a spiritual unity. You may believe you are what you eat, but more importantly, you are what you do. What you do is far more powerful than what you say. Your actions affirm another. Your words may only bring a hope of affirmation, but your actions towards others reflect your understanding of God within the other. Let your compassion be directed toward another as compassion is directed toward God. May you love another as you wish to love God, and may you be loved by others as you are loved by God.
Be joyful in the lives you are given for they are precious. Be joyful for those you meet for they are equally precious. And when the time comes to join our side, you will join us with a sense of gratitude that your lives were indeed a representation of God’s eternal truth.
You are blessed by God, as we are. You are in God’s light, as we are. We share with you in the delight of God’s enduring love.

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