Death releases good energy.

Actions impact living and dead.

Negative forces receding.

Darkness opens one to God.

Eliminate ego.

Love is natural state.

Be loved or be loving.

Fulfillment is loving.

No good thought or prayer lost.

Build bridges of vulnerability.

Walls hinder loving power.

Grief illuminates the path.

All goals spiritual.

Love and God’s presence expand.

No shadow with God’s light.

Better not to know God.

Give more.

Complacency is dangerous.

Celebrations nourish soul.

God seen best in humans.

Find ways everyone wins.

Silent presence prayer.

Spirit like sponge during sleep.

You are not islands.

Life given grace and character.

Creation not finished.

Life has preconditions.

Lives measured by vision.

All souls one entity.

Freed to serve.

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