When despair becomes hope.

Praying for healing.

You live to be transformed.

Seeing with your heart.

Travel along surface of stream

God is creator and creation.

Awareness is heightened after death.

Ancestors are parts of your life.

No isolation in God’s creation.

Being the hands of God.

All share spiritual elements.

Hatred comes from fear.

Powerful leaders identify with “we.”

Serve by your presence.

Love may not be stated.

Live to expand love.

Purpose of life is love.

Pray to see what already is.

Soul is part of God.

Fear involves loss.

Religious sects are of human origin.

Be at peace within.

Difficulties due to lack of sacred.

Blessings of giving and receiving.

Reaching out to God and others.

Giving makes you stronger.

Trust accepts imperfection.

Everything impacts everything.

Language of God.

Avoid walls.

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