All life is sacred.

Accompanied by souls.

You are a container.

Stand up and be counted.

No individual is better.

God and sacredness of creation.

You and your soul benefit.

Balance of awareness.

Grace is not earned.

Consciousness has an impact.

Peace in darkness and light.

There are no islands.

God is All and Creator of All.

Beneficial lives serve others.

Judging another is judging God.

Fear is not reflective of God.

Pray and your aura finds your neighbor.

Love requires listening.

Prayers for another are requests for openness.

Race does not exist with spirit.

Soul accompanies human journey.

Love is sacred.

Humans share in unified spirit.

Difficulties emanate from self.

Resistance strengthens spirit.

Soul is anti-matter.

Human souls not animals.


Peace is moving sympathetically.

Forgiveness allows love.

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