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The embrace of God is constant.

July 24, 2022

When you think of an embrace, you think of a kind of presence that is all-encompassing. It is not an energy that is felt only from one direction. An embrace surrounds. An embrace is not judgmental. An embrace has warmth. An embrace feels incredibly close. An embrace is filled with support and caring. There is nothing of substance in human terms that lies outside of an embrace. The embrace contains all that matters. 

There are times when you feel the presence of that embrace, and there are times in your lives when that embrace seems to be absent. Exactly the same characteristics apply to the embrace of spirit and the embrace by spirit. It is the same set of descriptors that identify the embrace of God and your embrace toward God. This spiritual embrace has its direct human analogies, and yet it is actually far deeper. The embrace of God is not an embrace that lets go. It is not a momentary experience that then evaporates only to return at another time. This embrace of God is constant. It has always enveloped the core of who you are.

 The embrace of God is constant.

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