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Everything impacts everything.

November 18, 2018

Your connection to others is not just in your thoughts or in your prayers. It is in the energy that is yours, the energy that is someone else’s, the energy that is the bridge between you and another, the energy of different forms of life. Consider the analogy of the molecule of water and the ocean. The molecule is merely a molecule but is absolutely connected to all that the ocean is. There is no molecule in the ocean that is more important than another, but together they comprise what the ocean truly is.

You are united with others. You are equal. You are significant. You share the energy that surrounds you. You share in the strength that is given to your own spirit center. You share in the reality of being a part of all that God is, and you therefore share in the reality of being God. All are God! The stones, the planets, the trees, the molecules—everything that exists is God. All that you do resonates to the totality that is God. There is nothing that you do that has no effect. Your thoughts, your actions, your prayers of listening, your prayers of thanksgiving—all impact everything that is.

You are indeed one. You are indeed part of God’s energy. You are blessed in that belonging. You are blessed as you expand outward and connect with many energies of spirit. You are blessed as you see your connection to all human beings.

Everything impacts everything.
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