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Affirmation is love and forgiveness.

February 19, 2023

Affirmation is another expression of love, another term for forgiveness. You forgive a child, not by just saying you forgive the child, but by affirming the child, affirming your relationship with the child. This holds true for the relationships between all human beings. You affirm that connection. You affirm the value of another. You affirm the validity another may place on an action that is not within your own value system.

The tension in the world exists because of a lack of affirmation to various points of view, a lack of affirmation to how groups act out toward other groups. You affirm the validity, the feelings, the belief systems that others hold. That affirmation is not the specifics of what is held to be truth. Rather that affirmation is an acknowledgment that others feel that such actions have some justification.

Affirmation is love and forgiveness.

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