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All benefit by your outreach.

June 6, 2021

By giving of your heart, you are receiving through the heart. There are no one-way channels through which energy flows in whatever outreach you are engaged in. That energy fragment, filament of God’s embrace, always flows in all directions simultaneously. It is not only an energy which is sent outward to the object of your outreach or back to you as the giver. It flows outward in every direction and impacts the entirety of God’s creation. When you reach out to another with compassion and understanding, of course the other will benefit, but that energy of compassion is extended in all directions, meaning that all benefit by your outreach.

What is it that you can offer another? Most importantly, it is a sense of caring, of reinforcing the recognition that you and another are bound indelibly together. Your concerns for others in society may be expressed in many ways, but whatever means is employed in the outreach serves in its way to uplift, affirm, to give value, and to include a loving energy. When those moments in your life occur when you reach out not to give but to receive, that same transfer of energy is expressed and radiates in all directions from the giver, not just to you.

All benefit by your outreach.
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