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All in creation is equal.

April 23, 2017

Human beings are not superior to other animals or plants or rocks or water. Human beings form an equal part of all of creation with everything else. When you are consumed by a sense of equality, it is no longer difficult to respond in love, compassion, and respect, for those responses are never self-serving. Only when one feels a sense of greater importance is one motivated by self-serving objectives.

Life is to be shared, to be relished, and to be treated with respect. To live is to recognize the bond which is common to absolutely everything you can see, touch, or feel. Life is beautiful when it is viewed this way. Apply this perspective to your life, and thereby create greater harmony and peace and a sense of purpose and meaning to what you experience daily.

Just as God does not judge, so must you also not judge. Just as God treats all of creation equally, so must you. God responds to you with love, and it is for you to respond with equal love. That affirms the equality and unity of all that God has created.

All in creation is equal.
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