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All spirits comprise part of God.

June 23, 2019

The anxieties that you experience concerning international, national, local, and personal issues are anxieties that momentarily lose vision of the spirit. You are always in that light. You are always in that Spirit. Your spirit and the spirits of all comprise a part of the Spirit Center, the Creator, God. Everyone is a part of that, and being part of God and sharing in your own ways what it is to be godly, you’re never lost. Therefore, there is no loss and no great need for fear. As a result, the experience of anger loses its grip.

All is never lost. No matter what happens, all is never lost. Regardless of the crises that seem to accumulate in life as you observe and experience it, all is never lost. When conflicts arrive between nations or groups of people, and those conflicts seem irreconcilable, all is never lost. When you feel challenged and are unable for a moment to see any evidence of God, all is not lost. Your lives are never lost. They are transformed, refined, polished, and made ever more beautiful, but nothing is lost. No relationship is lost. No group of people is lost. No ideas that uplift and support are lost.

The absence of loss can mean the ultimate absence of fear, and it is that reality that can bring about a wondrous and abiding sense of peace. Your life is as it is. Your relationships are as they are, but your life evolves. Your relationships evolve. Your understandings expand from their evolution and becomes deeper and wider and more encompassing.

All are part of the same family—a family of creation, a family that has as its roots the common, loving presence of God. With God ever present, nothing is lost.

All spirits comprise part of God.
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