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Be open.

November 1, 2001

There are the difficulties of not listening. There are far too many who are committed to a belief who have never really listened. Listening comes first. Out of the listening, love is strengthened. Out of a strong love comes a commitment to what is just. Out of a commitment to justice comes appropriate action.

The challenge for all is to hear God’s presence in your lives. It is to act with a clear and faithful understanding of what that presence means. Such a foundation for action, for a response to your fellow humans does not come quickly. It takes time to develop. Insight is not instantaneous. Insight is the result of much effort and a commitment to the importance of that insight.

Where do you fit into the global efforts to resolve such difficult conflict? First, you belong to an attitude of listening. Listen to your soul. Listen to God. Listen to your conscience. Be open to what feels right, not necessarily what sounds right. It is a listening to the feeling. When you see your path, you will then know where next to move.

Be open.
Listen to the Entire Message

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