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Be the difference.

June 16, 2019

Your relationship with others is like creating a wave. You know not how far it will go, and yet you have absolute faith that your presence is important and will influence and interact, will be acknowledged, will be recognized. When you are surrounded by suffering, there is value to you and to those who suffer. You learn what it means to need compassionate loving, but others who are suffering learn simply by your presence. Spend less time making a difference and more time being the difference.

You are loved for who you are. You must love others for who they are. Just as you do not deserve God’s love, no one else deserves your love. God loves you because you are, and for the same reason you love others because they are. When they realize your approach, they will know what loving really means, and they will see the hand of God in their own lives.

Be the difference.
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