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Beneficial lives serve others.

February 15, 2009

All energies coming from God are positive. There is no direction of energy coming from God that leads to pain, suffering and loss. You should seek those sources of energy that bring you peace, that renew your commitment to others. If you are drawn to an energy that is focused on your own advancement only, that is not an energy field that you should follow.

If you wonder whose lives are more beneficial, look to those who serve others. That is where the love resides. If you devote your lives to strengthening your own nest at the expense of others, you will soon build a barrier that separates you from all others. Living a life of barriers does not follow the wishes of a God that is the purest form of love. Devoting your life to strengthening and enhancing others is a life whose ultimate value cannot be questioned. If you are becoming loving, it is not because you are self-absorbed. It is because you are absorbed in the lives of others.

Therefore, seek those opportunities to uplift and affirm. Seek every opportunity that leads to balance. Seek every opportunity that leads to understanding. Seek opportunities that strengthen and not destroy. Seek opportunities that build trust, not competition. Seek all opportunities that reflect your understanding of what it means to be loving, and you will never be disappointed. Seek opportunities to connect with spirits who are devoted to what is for the benefit of all. You know when you are in the presence of one who has no interest in you but has interest only in the self. Acknowledge the value of that person, but do not emulate that sense of self, self, self.

Beneficial lives serve others.
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