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Creation: first love, then light, then darkness.

September 10, 2023

The beginning of the Bible refers to the emergence of light. In the beginning there was light. The light actually preceded the darkness. But before the light, there was love. If it is possible to reduce God’s reality to a single concept, it is quite simply love. Without love, nothing that has been created could possibly exist, for it is out of the existence of a godly love that light exists. It is because of the existence of love that there is darkness, for without light, there is no shadow. Light does not need a shadow. The shadow only exists when there is light, and therefore it is out of love, a godly love, that light was created. All that is is a result of the impact of light. There are organisms that thrive in the darkness, but they do not thrive alone. They thrive in the company of that which has been created by light.

Light comes from love. Light is actually a physical representation of love. Love is an energy. Love has an energy of its own. That energy generates further energy. Light is energy, but where did that energy come from? It came from the energy created from love. All energy emanates from this original love. It is a far more profound and pronounced love than the love that exists between people. It is a love that is filled with compassion, with joy, and with energy, positive energy. Love is a manifestation of spiritual energy. The energy of your soul is shared with that coming from all souls. That is the energy of God. You might also try to imagine this energy as an absolute joy of creation, a joy that leads to creation.

Creation: first love, then light, then darkness.

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