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Death releases good energy.

April 1, 2018

You are often preoccupied with a fear of doom, a fear of an ending to humanity, a fear that somehow evil is in its ascendancy, but such fears do not recognize the presence of the energy that has been released throughout all of humankind from the very beginning. When individuals die to human life, their energy of good is released into the world. It is no longer contained within the body. As a result, the world does become a better place. It is not to say that as the world becomes a better place, there is no suffering. But as the world becomes a better place, there is more love. Ultimately that love, the energy that is released that is pure love, will dominate all and everything, and at that point, life as you know it will be pure love.

All life, therefore, contributes to an energy of love. Even an individual consumed by hate has within an energy that is capable of love. When that individual no longer experiences human life, the love is released.

Death releases good energy.
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