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Embrace all creation with your spirit.

April 22, 2024

Your relationship with others must be fully open in heart. Your relationship must be all-inclusive. With your spirit, embrace all creation. Human beings and non-human entities alike can feel your embrace, offered not so much physically but in your spirit, in your spirit of care and giving and sharing and being and listening.

You are a part of a grand scheme of living. You are a part of what life is, just as you have always been a part of what life is and shall be a part in the future. Human life is just human life. It is no different than characterizing someone as an infant. That is not a judgment of condition but an affirmation of the present.

Embrace by caring. Embrace by seeking an understanding of what it means to be godly in your interactions with all life that you see, with all senses. Embrace your life as part of the lives of all who have lived human life, for you are also a part of all who shall live long after you have transitioned to a different form of energy. You belong to all that was, is, and shall be, for all of that is part of God’s being present. It is a limitless continuum of life. Embrace where you are, acknowledge the past, welcome the future, and be grateful for your awareness of the vastness of all you experience.

Embrace all creation with your spirit.

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