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Embrace one another.

July 14, 2019

Human beings are not the center of all that is but rather an important part of all that is. You experience only one segment at a time of God’s creation, but it is a segment to be cherished and valued for its potential to give. It’s a segment to be valued because of the opportunities of seeing with the heart. Your life is enhanced by your awareness and full acceptance of that. Your growth, change, and transformation are all part of the positive energy, and it grows, changes, and transforms in large part because of its interaction with what is negative. Acknowledge the importance of darkness because it enhances the beauty of light.

You are blessed when you see with your heart.
You are blessed when you encounter all that may seem against that vision.
You are blessed however you shape your human life, but you are also far greater than that shaping.

Acknowledge the place of all that you see.
Acknowledge the place of all that you are aware of.
Acknowledge the place of God in your life.
Acknowledge one another as fellow travelers.

Embrace one another in prayer.
Embrace one another in joy.
Embrace one another with peace.
Embrace one another with all the love that you know.

Embrace one another.
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