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Forgiveness allows love.

May 25, 2005

You must be forgiving of your own shortcomings, but you must also forgive the shortcomings of all others. Forgiveness is the center of life. All flowers from that well. Forgiveness creates an environment for love to flourish. Forgiveness is the active application of love. Love may be central in importance, but it is forgiveness that allows love to flourish. Saying you love another requires that you forgive, for love without forgiveness is empty and powerless.

Love requires forgiveness. Love requires a lack of judgment. Through non-judgment and forgiveness, love is directed outward and it is also directed within. If you forgive yourself, you can be nonjudgmental toward yourself. If you can be compassionate, you can be empowered to affirm and to strengthen. Love is a blessing, and forgiveness is the fertile soil allowing the centrality of love to blossom and create beauty.

You are aware of the story of Jesus at the crucifixion imploring God to forgive. He did not say or ask God to offer love, but rather to grant forgiveness. It is a powerful concept. It is a profound way of living. Learn to forgive and you will find the path to love.

Forgiveness allows love.
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