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Give to receive God’s strength.

December 6, 2020

Certainly, when you have concerns, you must feel you can ask God for guidance and comfort, but recognize that it is only in giving of yourself that you can fully receive God’s strength. God recognizes that you have your needs which must be met. God also recognizes that there are times in your life when you are primarily a receiver and other times when you are a giver, and that is, of course, all right. Not always can you be in a position of giving when you are in such need.

Whenever possible you will find you are more aware of God’s presence and God’s strength-giving when you find reason for giving to others at a time when you feel there is nothing to give. It is like runners in a long race who feel they can go no further for there is no strength left, but then unexpectedly they proceed to the end and reflect backwards at the incredible instant when they were able to give more at a time when they were convinced there was nothing left to give. When you feel you have nothing more to give and that you can only receive, the recognition that you are truly able to provide for another is strong evidence of God moving within your life.

Give to receive God’s strength.
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