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Goal is union with God.

January 3, 2021

No one has spiritual goals really. You want to grow, of course, but a goal implies having arrived, having reached the finish, having climbed to the top. But that is not the nature of spiritual growth because spiritual growth is continuous. There are no intermediate goals. The ultimate goal is a full union with God. But there are no intermediate stops, no sign posts, no indications that you are doing fine at your current role, hang in there and go to the next sign post. It just isn’t so. You have no goals to reach. You grow as you grow. It is growth which is important, not goals.

There is often talk in educational circles of the debate between product and process. In terms of spiritual growth what is important is not product. It is not goal orientation. It is merely the process of growing, and everyone grows. Your growth is at times more accelerated than others. That is normal. You occasionally do or say things which you regret afterwards and ask yourself, “Why did I do that? Why did I say that?” That is normal, too. It does not mean you have stopped growing. The fact that you recognize errors is a means of recognizing growth.

Goal is union with God.
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