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God’s light is source of everything.

May 10, 2020

The energy that exists from God takes on characteristics that are far beyond the perception of the five senses belonging to human life. You know there are animals that are more sensitive to different kinds of energy than you are. All that exists, everything, is a form of energy.

The spiritual light is no different. It is energy, an energy that changes what it touches. It transforms what it reaches. It becomes in some ways what it reaches, not unlike the body’s production of vitamin D through contact with sunlight. That is a transformation of energy. It is a transformation of the light that you see and a transformation of the light that you don’t see. Understanding these many forms of energy, it should not be difficult to expand your awareness of the reality of true spiritual light.

When you pray for the light of God, you are opening yourself to a light whose components are invisible and yet absolutely real. Within you there is a light of the spirit, and that light responds in its own way to the light that is God’s light. You may try to describe that spiritual light by saying it is love, and it is of course, but it radiates much more broadly than merely being loving. This love that is God’s light is an energy that penetrates and transforms all things. It is this spirit light that is the true source of all matter. It is the true source of all anti-matter, as understood by scientists. It is the source of everything.

God’s light is source of everything.
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