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God’s symbols are each human being.

November 15, 2020

God speaks for all to hear. The Spirit Center that is God is present for every human being. That presence is like a voice, for just as you communicate with symbols that are heard or read as a means of communication, God’s symbols actually are each of you. It is you and every human being who are the means by which God’s voice is heard.

God speaks because human beings live. God speaks because nature of all sorts lives. It is life itself that is the voice of God. If you want to hear God speak, listen with your heart. You do not need ears to hear the voice of God, for without the gift of hearing, you are still the recipient of the goodness of others. You are a recipient of the reaching out. You are a recipient of the compassion, the care and caring that is all around you. You are part of all that is around you. The natural world that surrounds your life belongs to that voice of God.

The earth is a voice of God, and as you care for the earth, you are responding to the voice. All human beings can hear God’s voice and know of the spirit presence. For some, it is experienced through the care of others. For some, it is the experience of caring for others. For many, it is caring for the earth and all of nature. For many human beings, the recognition of the beauty and value of living, simply living, is an acknowledgment that God’s voice is being heard.

God’s symbols are each human being.
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