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God’s teachings center on love.

May 8, 2022

Your souls grow through light just as plants need sunlight. It is for different reasons but it is equally essential. Think about the potential for light, the potential each of you has for producing light, for producing love through understanding, patience, tolerance, joy, and faith. Love is the strongest of all ways that you have of generating more light. God’s teachings center on love. All else will come if love is there, and love is possible when coupled with peace.

Look upon others as generators of light, as receivers of light and as reflectors. That light is transmitted from one to another through love. Your faith grows as it receives light, and it widens and matures as you reflect it to others. You have been taught that when you give love, you have the capacity for receiving it in even greater portions. Viewed with your understanding of light, this will seem more logical. As you give light, your light becomes more intense through your giving and through your reflection of the increased light of another. With greater intensity in your light, you have a greater capacity for giving more love. It is all very logical but difficult to understand.

God’s teachings center on love.

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