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God is always present.

November 20, 2022

Your spirit grows because of the love you are given. Your spirit grows through how you direct the love you have been given outwards to others. Your spirit thrives through the direct nourishment of love. You may not recognize that love, but it is always there. When you feel abandoned, when you feel in some way left out or left behind, it is time to open your perspectives to other ways in which love is offered. In so doing, you will find evidence that you are not alone, that you do not live fully in the shadow. There is light. There is always light. That is the light of God. It is the light of this energy center, this Spirit Center. It is always with you.

When you feel at times there seems to be no presence of God in your life, step back and reframe your observation so you understand that what’s missing is your vision. It is not God’s presence that is missing.

God is always present.

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