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Greet life with joy.

December 25, 2016

Life is relishing in the beauty of all that your senses bring to the conscious. If the day brings sunshine, rejoice in the sun. If the day brings rain, rejoice in the presence of the water that is essential to life. If the day brings pain, rejoice in its resolution. In all ways, greet life with joy. If there is discord around you, accept it. Be willing to work with it, and find joy in your efforts.

You don’t have the power to change another person permanently. You don’t have the power to change a group of people, a government, or a nation individually. But you are given the power of recognition and acknowledgment, recognizing and acknowledging internally the importance of what you observe in the fabric of life.

You are given life to experience what life is. Life is a series of beings: being happy, being challenged, being in pain, being released of pain, being loving, being loved, being compassionate, being the recipient of compassion. Embrace those beings, embrace those elements of what is, and you will find the peace that you seek.

You are blessed in your seeking.
You are blessed in your being.
You are blessed in the joy that you create.
And you are blessed in the Light.

Greet life with joy.
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