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Hatred comes from fear.

March 17, 2019

You become loving through the experience of being loved. Experiencing the benefit of being loved is often the result of the fear of being unloved or the recognition of being unloved. Your exercise of faith is actually the other side of fear. If you are fearful, you may plead for help, but that is not faith. Your faith depends upon a commitment, a knowledge of what is available that is supportive and affirming. When you are fearful or worried, you may call out to God, and if you call with a true sense of faith, the fear is gone.

It is God’s intention that you focus on the elimination of fear, the elimination of anxiety, for anxiety is a form of fear. You are asked to eliminate envy and jealousy, for envy and jealousy come from fear. They are not the result of the exercise of faith. Hatred always comes from fear. It may mean you are fearful of being wrong, and you cannot accept that, and in defense, you hate what you believe may actually be right.

Hatred comes from fear.
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