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Humans share in unified spirit.

February 19, 2007

Every human being shares as a participant in the same single unified spirit. A tree has many colors and hues and shapes even though it is a single tree. You identify a tree by its collective shape, but you recognize its elements as being individualized.

It is precisely this way that everyone belongs to a unified spirit, although you have different shapes, different characteristics, different needs, different objectives, different sensitivities. These differences, when viewed with a broader perspective, meld together into a single unit. All human beings belong to this tree.

Each collection of creation has its own tree and together they comprise the forest, and that forest has shape, has depth, has an identity, has a purpose, and is part of the totality of all that is considered to be God’s realm. You can identify many trees within the forest, but within that forest are countless other trees of which you are totally unaware. If you were to back away from that forest, you would recognize the forest but you would be unable to see the details or identity of each tree.

It is this kind of reality that characterizes what God has created. You are aware of that creation from your own vantage point, and yet there is much that is beyond your view. What lies beyond is of no less importance than what lies within.

Humans share in unified spirit.
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