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Intersecting universes and God.

November 1, 2020

What is meant by various multiple universes? The concept of universes has several levels. There is the physical universe of which you know a portion, but there are numerous physical universes, and they are all connected. There is no space, no emptiness, between the edges of one universe and the edges of other universes. All physical universes could be considered to be a wide range of interconnected circles. You may describe them as Venn diagrams or circles where other forms share the same space. That point where all physical universes intersect is a kind of central energy location that is in great measure a manifestation of the life force that you refer to as God. It can be said, therefore, that God is a part of all physical universes. It can also be said that all physical universes are connected, not just attached but share commonality.

There is another type of universe that is described perhaps most aptly as a spiritual universe, and that spiritual universe is a set of energy and energy-forms that cannot be observed from the human perspective. Those in the spiritual universe evolve in their own development, in their own awareness of God’s presence, and become part of a different energy field that is not different in location. It is not some place far removed. It exists in the same place that all of these physical universes exist, and yet they are not matters of physical representation. They are only matters of spiritual evolution, growth, development, call it as you wish. The spirit is constantly evolving.

You exist in a physical universe. Your physical universe continues to expand and change. It evolves. It takes on a different character. It sings different notes in its evolution, but it is the same universe, and it is in a choir of many voices, all singing different tones and yet all being identifiable. You sing different notes now than you sang as an infant, but you are nevertheless identifiable as the same voice, the same spirit, the same soul. The spirit, the soul, the voice of all belong to that same choir. You each sing your own parts, but they belong as important components with equal value to the total harmony that is God’s creation.

Yes, there are many universes. Yes, there are many forms of life that know of the existence of a life-giving force that is ever-present. Human beings are not the only knowing form of life. Human beings are also not the only knowing form of life in your physical universe. Indeed, in the many physical universes, there are countless knowing forms of life that have no easily identifiable characteristics that you can say are human-like. Humans are only one part of that spectrum of knowing life.

Intersecting universes and God.
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