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Life has preconditions.

September 24, 2017

There is no coincidence, there is no chance meeting, and there is no occurrence between human beings that is without basis, without cause. Life is not totally predetermined, but you enter life with preconditions. We can say you enter life with a pre-awareness of one another. There will be others whom you may encounter who share that same common pre-awareness. You are brought together for a purpose, and that purpose is quite clearly the growth, the propagation of love, of an unconditional acceptance in valuing of another. That is quite frankly what life is about.

You are given life to be loving. You are given life to learn to be accepting, to be supportive and uplifting. It is important that you also recognize that your connection with one another is not by chance. It is part of God’s design to bring together souls who, in their commitment to one another, become more powerful in spreading the spirit of nonjudgmental love and a commitment to what it means to live in peace.

Life has preconditions.
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