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Light of God in pandemic darkness.

August 16, 2020

Pandemic: All human beings will go through a change as a result of this pandemic. That change can provide a clearer view of God’s presence. It can affirm to each that God was fully with you. There are many losses that have occurred and many that will yet take place, but in acknowledging those losses, find evidence of God, not necessarily in stopping this plague but in changing your life in ways that reflect more directly the presence of the Spirit Center, God.

When you recognize your own changes and the changes of society, you will have a stronger sense of what true community means, not only the community among human beings but your community with all who live in spirit. These times create such darkness and for many, limitless despair, but it is in that darkness that you see more clearly the point of light which is God accompanying you on your journey.

Light of God in pandemic darkness.
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