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Love is supreme nutrient.

February 2, 2020

When you pray that another experiences real love, you can only do so having experienced real love yourself. It requires that you be open to love. It requires that you be open to grow and develop through the presence of everyone around you, even those whose actions may be repulsive to you. In truth, you can grow, learn, and benefit in the presence of all people. There is no one who lives who cannot benefit you in some manner. You can always learn. You can always draw insight, and it is from that indwelling of influences that you are then empowered to send them out on their way. Spiritual vision is essential for spiritual life.

You must experience love in order to grow. That is the supreme nutrient to life. Love is the basis for all that one can experience. Make every effort consciously to be open to seeing, not just reacting. Reacting without vision can be dangerous. It can hurt. It can bring pain to another, but you can be assured that reacting through vision is guided through God’s presence.

Love is supreme nutrient.
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