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Love must grow.

May 14, 2017

When others you encounter become challenges of the highest order, part of your accepting of others, part of your communion with others is an acknowledgment that the other is going through change. There is also an acknowledgment that you, in your relationships to others, must go through changes. All is dynamic; nothing is static.

Love exists, but love exists only when love grows, for that is the natural order of love. Two individuals can love one another and yet find themselves in disagreement. It is the working through the disagreements that provides the potential for the relationship to become deeper. The communion between both can become more profound, more meaningful.

Societies fight, and then societies find grounds for reconciliation. They fight not because they are evil, but they fight because their perception of where they belong on their path leads them to believe that their current direction is the only direction. Because change is essential, those directions will be altered.

Love must grow.
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