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Love one another.

February 21, 2005

You are given human life with the challenge to accept the complete continuity of life, for what is permanent is the soul. It is the soul that provides strength and faith. It is the soul that gives an individual the power to love. It is the soul that provides the vulnerability to be loved. The capacity to love, the capacity to be loved is absolutely and undeniably permanent. It is the one experience that will never cease. When you are loving, your soul’s capacity to be loving, to be loved, to be reflective of God, is enhanced. All that you do that is done in the name of love is permanent. All else is temporal.

You should always think of how others are loving, even those with whom you may often disagree. They, too, are loving human beings, and it is for each of you to find the path to recognize what is loving in another, what is loving in all others with whom you interact.

It is not new to be reminded that God Is Love, but that is exactly what God is. It is what remains, it is what endures. Love never is diminished. It always, always grows. It is a power, it is a force that feeds upon the love of others—love to others, love from others. Life, therefore, should be a kind of celebration of what it is to be loving.

How does one impart this to others when you are aware of this truth? It is most effective when it is a reflection of who you are in the world around you, how you interact, how you react to others, how you react to yourself, how you interact with yourself. One who does not love oneself is incapable of fully loving another. If one is filled with guilt, one cannot fully interact with complete generosity, with nonjudgmental attitudes. One must first be nonjudgmental to self. Then it is possible to respond in like manner to those around you.

Love one another.
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