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No one deserves to suffer.

July 12, 2020

You are only too well aware of the random aspect of human suffering as a result of continued violence around the world. You may wonder, “Why must such lessons be present that result in such terrible agony? Aren’t there other ways of learning the lessons of human life beyond those that create pain and endless suffering, death?”

These events of great tragedy do not come accompanied by the wishes of God. It is not God’s intention that anyone suffer, excruciatingly at times. You may speak about the suffering of innocent people, but it is limiting when you express your sadness at the suffering of innocents, for in reality the tragedy that you see is the tragedy of suffering. It is not an issue of talking of innocent children, innocent people, for all are innocent if one measures innocence by what one deserves. No one deserves to suffer—no one, whether military or not, rich, poor, evil-doing, or devoted to what is good. No one deserves, for deserving implies a punishment of sorts, a retribution, an earning of what is received. The truth is, all human beings are innocent.

No one deserves to suffer.
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