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Observing a flower impacts the flower.

June 2, 2024

The mere fact that you observe something sends out an energy, and that energy is met by something. Science has discovered beyond deniable reality this energy of observation. If a scientist is watching, just watching an experiment, that individual is impacting that reaction.

There is much humor given to what you refer to as “tree huggers.” You may think of those who speak to plants. Hugging a tree does not mean you are hugged back, obviously, but there is an energy that impacts the tree. When observing the smallest flower, just in the observation you are impacting the flower. As you stand at the seashore and look out at the ocean, and your mind projects far beyond what the eyes can see, you are having an impact on the ocean.

Have you ever sat behind someone you’ve never met and looked at that person intensely, and he or she then turns around and looks at you? No words were said. The distance may be great. But in some unexplained way your observation and the energy of that observation was received and had an impact.

Observing a flower impacts the flower.

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