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Patience, prayer, perception, faith, action.

September 15, 2019

Patience is an attribute of the soul which is greatly valued. It may be considered a central attribute of love, but patience alone has no point. When you are patient, you are waiting, but you are waiting for something to happen. Nothing will happen if nothing is initiated.

In life, there are two sources for the commencement of God’s plans. One is God acting out God’s own desire. The second is humanity acting out the perception of what is necessary. For humans, it is patience and prayer which lead to perception, and it is perception coupled with faith which leads to action.

Any action without faith, as the result of perception achieved through impatience, is irresponsible. It is a condition of life which creates factions between societies, between philosophies of life, and between two individuals. It is God’s wish that you base your life on patience and prayer. When you pray, you wait quietly, you open your soul, and you avail yourself of God’s light. If you are not patient, you do not wait. You will be unable to perceive God’s direction and therefore will act without faith. Faith does not mean moving forward with your eyes closed. Faith implies moving forward with a sense of understanding. This understanding comes through patience and prayer.

Patience, prayer, perception, faith, action.
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