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Peace is moving sympathetically.

November 20, 2006

What does it mean to find yourself in a kind of flow, a sense of absolute ease and sureness of direction in whatever you may be engaged? This “flow” is a synchronicity with your soul, a momentary blending of your own existence with the totality of creation. It is a kind of interface or interconnection or intersection of your awareness with another level of God’s creation. Those moments when you feel great harmony and inner peace may be seldom, but they are indeed experienced by everyone, whether child or adult.

When you pray for peace, when you seek inner peace, when you seek a condition that is namely in this flow, you are really praying for, seeking for, the ultimate reality of the unity you share with all that is created, for turmoil is caused by being out of balance with creation. Peace is moving sympathetically within the realm of all that is. You must always seek harmony—harmony among those with whom you work and live, harmony in your thoughts, harmony in your emotions. It is true, human life is not designed to be free of conflict, but conflict can be seen as a means of growth. Harmony is accepting the necessity for that growth and the validity of the means.

You live your life in a constant struggle between harmony and discord, between consonance and dissonance, between peace and turmoil, between joy and sadness, between pleasure and anger. The list of seeming opposites is nearly endless, but these experiences which seem so polarized one from another actually belong together, for both are needed in your own growth. You cannot be surrounded by darkness one hundred percent of the time and have any belief in the reality of light. You cannot be surrounded one hundred percent of the time by light and imagine such a thing as darkness, but by experiencing the dark you recognize the light. By experiencing light, you recognize the dark, and in this process your vision is broadened and deepened.

Peace is moving sympathetically.
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