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Peace recognizes Creator in all.

November 27, 2016

God, who is the Creator of all that is, also creates in you a sense of peace and connection. The peace you feel may not be a peace defined as the absence of sadness or distress, but rather a peace that is characterized by a confidence that through all, God is. For what is peace but the ultimate recognition that the Creator of all remains present in all?

The concept of being peaceful is often a shallow understanding, a kind of detachment from what may be going on around one’s life, but that’s not really what being filled with peace means. All human beings, regardless of their condition in life, experience moments of real peace. Many don’t identify that peace as a kind of recognition of God, but their lack of recognition in no way negates that peace, for that recognition of God, that sense of belonging to the Creator, is most personally felt by the spirit within that is permanent.

Peace recognizes Creator in all.
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