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Peace should generate activity.

September 18, 1981

To sense God’s presence you must be in a position to listen. Too often your life is packed with activities which fatigue you and make it impossible for you to find time to do nothing but listen and pray. We ask that you find some time during the day when you can develop these skills of being open to God. It is not easy to initiate, but it is important and rewarding beyond measure.

You have the ability to commune with God in a way which is appropriate for your needs. Develop that ability. Seek ways of helping it grow, for when God becomes an increasingly evident aspect of your approach to life through such personal contact, you will find it easier to select appropriate ways of reaching out to others. You will find your life more harmonious, for it will be ordered with priorities established with God at the center.

Be still and you will know God. Seek avenues of peace in your lives. Seek them with greater fervor than activity, for the strength and direction of that activity come from all that you receive through such peace. It is therefore the peace in your life which should generate your activity rather than activity limiting your opportunities for peace. The latter style of life is empty in the end. The former is always fulfilling.

Peace should generate activity.
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