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Pray and your aura finds your neighbor.

May 19, 2008

A stone is warmed by sunlight and chilled in the darkness, but still sends out a light, for what is light but energy? What is human life but energy? What is the soul that is within you but energy? What is the spirit that surrounds you, that gives meaning to love, but energy? All is energy. Some forms of that energy are visible. There are human beings who claim to see the aura of another. For some, that claim is truthful, but what is seen is only a part of the aura. The aura extends far beyond you.

When you pray for someone on the other side of the world, your aura extends to the other side of the world. When you pray for your neighbor, your aura finds the neighbor, and the neighbor’s own light is enhanced by the energy that you have sent forth. The aura is far greater and more complex, more far-reaching, than the aura that may be seen by some.

Certain energies are indeed visible, but the vast majority of the spirit energy of which you are a part cannot be seen. Not everyone’s sensitivity to visual energy is the same. You know examples where this is the case. There are many who find it difficult to recognize certain colors that you may see and identify with great ease. Just as there are those who are color-blind, there are those who are capable of receiving visually the energy waves of a more expanded spectrum. But what human beings can see is merely a small part of the aura that belongs to every human being.

Pray and your aura finds your neighbor.
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