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Prayer is becoming encased in light.

October 27, 2019

The challenge in life for all human beings ultimately is to say and do what reflects your current understanding of what it means to be loving. That understanding is fluid. You don’t reach a conclusion to that path where you can say with confidence you understand fully what it is you seek. Human life is a process. That’s why it is a pathway. It is a path that you travel. It is a path on which you grow through those travels. It’s a path that allows your understanding, your tolerance, your acceptance of others and yourself to deepen, to broaden.

The vision of the heart is wide and tall and deep and more all-consuming in letting the light in and allowing the light that is within to go out. The door of the spirit is open. It is not restricted or judgmental. It does not play favorites. It welcomes what is good. It welcomes the potential that all have. Prayer, therefore, embraces that potential, the potential to be loving, the potential to give and receive love, the potential to see the possibility of growth of yourself and the growth of others. Prayer is affirming. It does not condemn. It does not judge. True prayer is not a matter of getting even. It is a matter of being elevated to become encased in light.

Prayer is becoming encased in light.
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