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Praying for those who have transitioned.

November 12, 2023

God’s presence is sensed by those for whom you pray. Your prayers are always answered. God's response is especially enhanced because of the presence of your prayers. This needs to be emphasized here, for prayer is not an activity that starts God moving in another's life. Prayer is, rather, a means of enhancing the effect of God's presence in the life of another.

When you pray for God's presence in your own life, you are praying for a higher level of sensitivity. It is this level of sensitivity which you have influence upon. You cannot increase God's help any more than you can block God's action in all of creation, but you can provide an environment conducive to receiving that help. When you pray for the souls of others who have transitioned, you are praying for their receptivity and sensitivity, their awareness of what is within their vision.

Praying for those who have transitioned.

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