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Real joy must be shared.

September 28, 1979

In life there is always a balance. The relationship between that which causes sorrow or worry is not always equally balanced by that which gives joy. But neither is life full of one with complete absence of the other. When you experience joy unbounded, be thankful, but don’t lose sight of others who are experiencing darker times in their lives.

Search for ways of sharing the spiritual strength which accompanies your joys with others. You are aware of that strength. When you rejoice, you feel physically stronger as well. You have greater energy, and somehow the manner of life around you is bright. There is a kind of aura to your experience of life. This glow or brilliance is never permanent, but it contains a great potential for helping others. Real joy is not fully realized unless it is shared with another. You experience pleasure in telling others of an event which has given you this positive radiance. It may be something major in your life or a matter which simply illuminates your day. This glow is not permanent.

The light, the radiant energy which you emit, is much like that emitted from the hearth. It flickers, it is strong, and then may be dimmed. As long as there is sufficient heat and a spark, there is the potential for renewed light. There are many who surround you daily whose lights are dim and who need a spark. When you are in a condition of strength, of inner joy, be it outwardly visible or felt as a sense of peace, you then have the capacity to shed your light to those in need. When you experience anxieties and depression, you are in need of the light from others as reflections of God’s light. There is a strong interdependence implied in this principle. You have a responsibility for giving light to others, and this is balanced, occasionally unevenly, by your need to receive light from those around you.

Real joy must be shared.
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