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See God in another.

September 22, 2019

You miss infinite opportunities for recognizing God in others. When you succeed in seeing God, the light of your soul will be brightened by the reflection from the other, and the combined light will be greatly intensified. This is relatively easy to understand on an intellectual level, but its practice requires a lifetime.

Don’t pass up opportunities for recognizing God in your life. You are acutely aware of God in the springtime, but you should be equally aware of the divine presence in another human being. The beauty of a soul, the strength of its divinity, far exceeds the scene of a beautiful spring. It is with people that God manifests most strongly. Be glad for the opportunity of putting into action your desire to communicate directly with God through another.

The more you seek God’s presence, the more closely God’s strength will be sensed by you. Pray for God’s presence, but not just as a spiritual light. Pray for God’s presence as reflected by others, and pray for God’s presence in the world in which you live reflected by your presence.

See God in another.
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