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Soul is energy center of awareness.

September 4, 2022

You have the same soul as an adult that you had as a child. The soul is not a specific entity that you can draw a circle around and say, “This is the soul and everything else is the body.” The soul is a kind of spiritual awareness. It is an energy center. It is a presence. It evolves in its understanding, evolves in its ability to become loving and accept love. But this soul, although being the same energy source, changes throughout your life. The soul that you demonstrated as a child has a different color to it than the soul that you reflect as an adult, for the soul has changed. The process continues, but the process was also present at the beginnings of your life, and the process will continue at the end of your life. The process is just simply there, and it is that process that is The Now. It is always present. Even in its change it is present.

Soul is energy center of awareness.

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