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Souls have different sensitivities.

November 21, 2021

Just as you need food to live, you need the nourishment of spirit to not only live but to grow, thrive, and evolve. The nourishment we speak of clearly is a spiritual nourishment totally unrelated to any divisions you may think of related to human life. All humans are given the potential to grow in spirit which is absolutely essential.

The fulfillment of this potential depends on many factors, none of which are economic, political, racial, social, or in any other defined category. The souls associated with human life come into that human life with differing levels of sensitivity. Each soul must learn, and each soul does learn while associated with human life. It makes no difference how long the life is, for each soul experiences what it means to be the recipient of love.

Some souls are more capable of nourishing the outward expression of that love than others. This difference does not mean that some souls are more valuable than others. An individual who completes formal education at a high level is no more valuable than an individual who has benefited by no formal education assistance. All are the same but merely on different locations along their chosen paths.

Souls have different sensitivities.
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