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Spirit evolves.

January 5, 2020

Your souls are constant for they are always in existence, but their shape, character, and the ways they are being expressed in human life and in nonhuman life are constantly changing. It is the evolution of these transformations that contains a direction, a path of sorts, and that path is towards a perfection of pure love. Your spirit grows. That’s why it is a part of human life. Spirit evolves, and its light is filled with changes.

Your relationships with others are always in a state of becoming. There can be no becoming unless there is change, for becoming cannot take place in a stagnant environment, a stasis where all remains as it is. Your relationships to others, therefore, are always in a state of becoming. Your relationship to yourselves and others is fluid, changing, and evolving. But change is not chaotic although it may seem so. Viewed in its entirety, the movement is inexorably toward a loving unity.

Spirit evolves.
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